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Welcome to our introductory edition! A typical Smile Report starts with a picture related to a story detailed below, but today we start with two special notices. First, you can sign up to receive Smile Reports in Spanish, using the form at the bottom of this page. Second, you can trust this is a safe open. We'll send 26 Smile Reports in a year, and only two will ask for money.

Also in this edition: This section gives a brief outline of what to expect. The sample stories and videos in this case will contain extra italicized notes. We end with a look at where we're operating around the world and a chance to shop for branded merch. It's a fun way to support our mission.


Sheryl Crow performed for our virtual gala.

A Night of Celebration
In addition to inspiring stories of patients and medical volunteers, you'll see celebrities, too. This is from our December 2020 gala. Bookmark the video and watch it later. It's really good.

Operation Smile’s Virtual Smile Gala celebrated the hundreds of thousands of life-changing surgeries we've provided around the world since 1982. Hosted by Brooke Burke and Oliver Trevena, the event honored Emmy Award-winning and two-time Golden Globe nominee Chrissy Metz with this year’s Universal Smile Award as recognition for her support of our mission.

Other performers featured were Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson and Gary Clark Jr. The event raised more than $130,000 thanks to generous supporters.

Imagine wearing an Operation Smile T-shirt 1,000 days in a row.

1,000 DAYS
Wearing a Smile for Operation Smile
From May, an illustration of the quality of people in the Operation Smile global family.

For 1,000 days straight, Timmy Zhu’s dilemma wasn't what to wear. It was which T-shirt to wear. Every day for nearly three years, Timmy, a Student Programs alumnus, wore an Operation Smile T-shirt in what he called his "Wearing a Smile" campaign.

It started at Ohio State University and continued as he started his master’s at Cornell University. Along the way, he supplemented his extensive wardrobe with Operation Smile shirts from more than a dozen countries including Canada, Vietnam, Italy, Ireland, Honduras, Paraguay, Bolivia and Mexico, as well as shirts from student clubs all across the U.S.

Timmy’s 1,000th day was May 21, 2021. He said that wearing Operation Smile shirts was, “Like I was wearing a big hug.”


Operation Smile's Kendra Davenport comforts a young patient after cleft surgery. Photo: Rohanna Mertens

Scenes of Hope and Healing
Each Smile Report generally contains three features stories. Here, from June, is a good look at how we've had to adapt to operating in a pandemic environment.

An Operation Smile surgical mission is a joyful time for families whose child receives a long-awaited cleft surgery. However, it can mean sadness for those with children not healthy enough for surgery because of malnutrition, a lingering cold or cough, or some other (often easily treatable) medical condition.

Chief Development Officer Kendra Davenport recently returned from a surgical mission in Guatemala and described her experience of seeing a child deemed too sick for surgery. "I was heartbroken for the mother, who began to cry as a nurse gently told her the news," she said.

But Kendra also saw the hope we provide. The mother was given medication to treat the child and told of a return mission in just a few weeks. The promise of another chance stopped the tears and quelled her fears that her daughter would not get help.

"We keep trying because we know what a difference cleft surgery can make," Kendra said.
Our Extraordinary Photo Archive
Some of the world's top photographers have graciously worked with us over the last 39 years. Their work is so strong a Swedish art museum once did an entire exhibition on the photos of Operation Smile.

In this segment, sometimes it's just a picture for the sake of a great picture. Sometimes it's a great picture that ties into something newsworthy from the 31 countries in which we work. But it's always an illustration of what our supporters make possible, and we thank you for it.
News and Notes From Around the World
Lately, our news and notes section has been dominated by many small victories during the coronavirus pandemic. For today's sample edition, and to thank you for reading this far, we offer quick links to stories and videos that can break your heart in one moment and inspire you the next.

From Operation Smile Mexico comes the story of a widow determined to find a better life for a child her late husband never got to meet. It's the story of Lilia and Valeria.

From Operation Smile Ghana comes a story of perserverance and love. Meet Mariana and Ramata.

From Operation Smile Peru comes the story of a woman who lived with an unrepaired cleft lip for 38 years. When she took her son to a medical mission for surgery on his cleft condition, she found out she'd get a free surgery, too.

Thanks for reading! We send out a Smile Report every other Wednesday, and here's a little secret: They are so packed with inspiration, thousands of people will wait to read them over the weekend when they have more time.
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