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A Continental Kayak Voyage

A Continental Kayak Voyage


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The summer of June, 2017 the next venture begins

In the past 7 years, I have worked with Operation Smile and have been inspired by those who dedicate their own lives to making a difference for our next generations. Who would have guessed that I would still be connected with the small club I joined to fill my afternoons in high school. During a trip to China for Operation Smile's International Student Leadership Conference I met my inspiration to dedicate my distance treks to Operation Smile - Braam Malherbe. A man who had run the length of the Great Wall and the entire coastal boarder of South Africa, became a man to whom I could aspire to be so that I too could have a larger impact on the children of the world.

In Australia, I set my sights on completing a 2 month journey to cover 2000 km to raise money for Operation Smile. This was my first true long distance trek but more importantly my first trip in which I dedicated my journey to something more than just my own enjoyment. Sponsored by 10 companies and raising enough money for 7 surgeries, for me wasn't enough. After completing my adventure through Australia, I realized I wanted a larger impact. I wanted to impact the world on a greater scale. By no means am I saying that 7 lives are not worth it but inside I knew I could touch more.

For about three months I will kayak unsupported along the Gulf of Mexico coastline, paddling from South Padre Island, Texas, to Panama City, Florida. I’ll be journaling at every point in this journey, so please be sure to follow my blog: http://bit.ly/kayakvoyage

I ask all those who believe in making the world a better place to partner with me. I offer an opportunity for all who partner with me to be a part of a journey larger then themselves. I hate to ask for donations but in the end the world sadly is driven by money. I am doing this trek for myself without any commission and all I ask is for others to help me make a difference. Donate to give a child the opportunity to reach their own dreams. A dollar or five dollars may not seem to make a difference but five dollars from many people quickly adds up to changing a life. Please donate what you can.

I have still not explained why? I remember my own childhood and the made up adventures I had in my own imagination. I remember dreaming of becoming so many great things pilot, soldier, adventurer, international business man, and so much more. While I have achieved much in my life, I understand that these opportunities were given to me by the country and class I was born into. I feel that children in developing countries have enough obstacles in life, that such easy surgeries should not be what prevents them from chasing their own dreams. I have become the adventurer I always wanted to be and now I do it to give every child that same opportunity to seek their own adventure. Join and partner with A Continental Kayak Voyage to make a difference in children's lives in countries less fortunate than our own.

"To give every child the opportunity to adventure"

Together, We Will Change Lives

Operation Smile mobilizes a world of generous hearts to heal children’s smiles and transform lives across the globe. Operation Smile’s network of volunteers works worldwide to repair childhood facial deformities including cleft lips and cleft palates.

I hope you'll help me bring hope to even more children and their communities.

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A gift made through this appeal represents a gift to the entire Operation Smile mission. To help the most children, we use your gift where it can do the most good by pooling it with the gifts of others.